Yosemite, Mammoth and Death Valley

Report courtesy of Sarah

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Day 5, Sunday 
Distance Driven: 390 miles
Hotel: Sarah's Beach House
City: Hermosa Beach

The Plan

The final day of our trip will once again start early.  We’ll eat breakfast at either the Ranch or the Inn (breakfast starts 7am, brunch 11am).  Then we’ll depart for Scotty’s Castle.  Prospector “Death Valley Scotty” claimed this elaborate Spanish-style mansion was built by gold from his fictitious mine.  In reality, it was the 1920s vacation home of his wealthy friends.  Today, living history tours of the castle’s richly furnished interior are given by costumed park rangers.  Next we’ll stop by the Ubehebe Crater.  More than 3000 years ago the desert silence was shattered by a massive volcanic explosion caused by the violent release of underground steam pressure.  When the cinders and dust settled, this 600 feet deep crater remained.  Although easily visible from the pave road, many hikers circle the crater rim to see smaller craters.  From here it is back to Hermosa Beach.  We will exit through the parks south entrance on route 178.  We will pass through the famous Emmigrant Pass.  It will be a 4.5 hour drive from Scotty’s Castle.  If we want to forgo an nice dinner our day could start later.  I think Dinner at Pancho’s would be a nice ending to our Owens Valley trip.  If you prefer we could dine at Kincaid’s (reservations are for 7pm, 310-318-6080).


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