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Day 2, Saturday 
Distance Driven: 0 miles

Overview of the Day

The sun woke up real early...everyone else woke up a few seconds later. I managed to wake up about 10 minutes before the sun was up.  The horizon was the most beautiful color of orange I had ever seen.  That view alone was worth the trip.  I had slept outside our palapa on a cot, which provided no protection from the sun's harsh morning rays.  I decided to get up and take some pictures with my camera.  At high tide the water was 20 feet away from our palapa, but this morning it was low tide and something weird was going on at the shore line. Hundreds of 1 to 2 foot long squid were beaching themselves on the rocky shore. We all walked down to see them squirting water out of their mouth and launching themselves onto the rocks to dry up and die. A truly odd site, but none of the locals, including the marine biologist who owned the camp could explain the phenomenon.  Jerry and Cha Cha fixed us a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and juice.  After that we were ready to face the day.

Next, we hired a few locals to boat us out to an island for some snorkeling and fishing. Ben, Cha Cha, Eric and the group's food and water stayed on one of the boats for some fishing, while the rest of us went ashore for snorkeling. Eric and Ben did a wonderful job catching fish.  They mostly caught some sort of Rock Bass which were fun to catch, but not as fun as the Yellow Fin Tuna they were hoping for. No complaints though, they made a delicious dinner for the whole group. The other half of the group enjoyed snorkeling and the warm sun.  We were entertained by the puffer fish, sting rays and dead squid we found. Then, after eating lunch a few bees found Jerry's beer can. This caused a fair amount of excitement among the growing swarm.  I received my first bee sting, ever.  I'm glad to know that I'm not allergic.  Justin was also stung and about this time we decided to go home.   

Once back at the camp site Eric and Ben taught me how to clean a fish.  I cleaned about four fish while Eric and Ben cleaned the remaining six for dinner.  Ben, Ila, Kelly and I prepared the fish with every available spice we had and a lemon.  Jerry, our designated chef, cooked the fish over a fire that Justin had helped to build.  Dinner was truly a team effort. Main | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

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