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Day 1, Friday 
Distance Driven: 550 miles

Overview of the Day

We caravanned down to the boarder in three cars. The Heydinger's usually don't stop to get visas when crossing into Mexico. Cha Cha is from Mexico and knows that nobody ever checks those things down there. This time, however, the rest of us gringos wanted to go by the book. Problem was, we didn't have our passports (always thought IDs were enough in Mexico) - so we told the officials we were headed to Ensenada where no visa is required. Our first stop was Ensenada where we walked through the fish market and laughed at some seals waiting for the fish market scraps at the end of the day.  Next we had a delicious fish taco lunch, we continued South with the cover story that we were headed to San Quentin to visit an orphanage...just is case we were stopped. We had no idea how to give the cover story in Spanish, or why that would get us out of any trouble, but I assumed Cha Cha would do the talking if necessary. No problems though, we passed though the military check points without any mention of our visas. That would have been the end of whole issue, until Mr. Heydinger was pulled over by a cop deep in Mexico for drunk driving! Apparently, while the cop passed our small convoy heading the other direction, Jerry (who was in the lead), drove over a crushed Tecate can in the road, flipping it up into the air. The cop's timing was perfect, and he saw the can flying through the air as he passed Jerry. He turned around, caught up to us, and pulled Jerry over. Justin and I (the two other drivers) continued to the next pullout and waited - very nervously. None of us knew at the time why Jerry had been stopped. Meanwhile, the cop checked his van for alcohol, and finding none, told Jerry he had been speeding and would pull his license if caught again. He never asked for a visa thank god, and we were soon on our way South again. We arrived at the Bay of LA at 6:30, just as the sun was setting. There is a very small town there and apparently a lot of fishermen visit in the summer. The crowds had not arrived yet though and it felt like we had the whole Bay to ourselves. Main | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

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