Name:  Nathanael Halsmer
Age:  22
Hometown:  Lafayette, IN
Occupation:  CAD Designer / Aircraft Designer

Nate's Biography
After graduating high school in 1995 Nate began working at a machine shop to earn money to complete his first aircraft design.  During the same time he often test piloted others designs and helped friends and businesses design and build their aircraft. After the successful completion of his first biplane he enrolled at Purdue University to study aviation technology.  Since that time, he has also been involved in many aircraft competitions, most notably KIMO.  He was the National Champion at this event in 1998.  Nate is currently working as a system designer and CAD specialist at Hobson Associates.

Name:  Sarah Ostapchuk
Age:  22
Hometown:  Osceola, IN
Occupation:  Student / Mechanical Engineer
Contribution:  Helped out here and there through out the construction and was a great help when it came to sanding and filling the cowling.  Kept a photo log of the construction to be used on the web page.  Designed and maintains this web page.

Sarah's Biography
After graduating from Penn High School in Mishawaka, IN in 1995 Sarah enrolled at Purdue University to study Mechanical Engineering.  She was involved in Army ROTC and completed Airborne school at Fort Benning, GA in 1997.  She achieved her long time goal of flying in 1998 when she received her private pilot's license at Mt. Comfort airport in Indianapolis.  In 1999 she graduated from Purdue's Mechanical Engineering program and is currently enrolled in graduate school in the same discipline.  Upon graduation she plans on working for an aircraft designer and becoming the first woman to walk on the moon.


Name: Christopher Fullerton
Age:  38
Hometown:  Reynolds, IN
Occupation: Electronics Technician
Contribution:  Wired up the electrical system.  Favorite dinner buddy for discussing aircraft design and construction progress.

Chris's Biography
Chris always loved airplanes and was fascinated with flying but had many obligations that kept him from fulfilling his dream.  In the early nineties he earned International certification in his field as an electronics technician. Having a good job and being happily married helped to free up time and resources so he started thinking much more about flying and began building and flying Radio Controlled Models.  In August of 1993 Chris began taking instruction for his Private Pilot's license and received his Private ticket in November of the same year. Since then he has flown many types of ultralights and GA airplanes and currently owns a beautiful Baby Ace model D Experimental that he loves to fly and show.


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